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All Roles - PVP/PVE Superiority
Version: 2
by: Miaorin [More]
((Raiding and PvP ~ All Roles))

This is an update since I took a hiatus from Swtor since last year. Since patch 3.0 (2014), I usually just play a month once a year, kick everyone's ass, then I take off again. I'm suspecting Swtor is going to shut down by 2022 so I'm trying hard to stick around this time.

So yeah, this UI always keeps me on top. I seriously wouldn't place worth a damn in any WZ if I played with anything else. It's perfect for PV, RT, which helps your APM (peripheral vision -> reaction time ~> actions per minute). Well, it does for me anyway. Most rely on gear, I rely on my UI.

Edit and fiddle to your own preference. Also, I am not a clicker, ever, that kills APM along with RT (reaction time). I hotkey press (never macro) everything and I only use 6 keys per row. Bottom row keys #1 - #6, top row F1-F6, third row ShiftF1-ShiftF6 then my left sidebar is all Ctrl 1-6. I do this per each role needed (tank, heals, and DPS). However, I've had a few clickers try this UI to report back to me beautiful screenshots of victories and numbers. Perhaps, it's just closer together and categorized? Unlike some other UIs that look like someone took a **** blob on the bottom of the screen and put a bunch of icons in it.

Not bad for a girl with long nails, hm? Imagine what YOU can do
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