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Updated: 09-25-2013 12:53 AM
Updated:09-25-2013 12:53 AM
Created:09-25-2013 12:53 AM
Bantha UI
Version: 2.0
by: Khossh [More]
Bantha UI was my first time to create an own interface for SW:TOR.

It includes:

- 6 actionbars (Razer Naga-style and 2-rows)
- centered map
- mainmenu at center bottom
- 2 chat windows in both lower corners
- all bunched together in one block

I called it Bantha, cause it was not easy to handle an did, what it wanted to do, instead of being nice and calm.

It's a very simple UI for people, who don't want to "travel all the screen" just to find the right action.
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