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1080p Quickbar Box
Version: 0.02
by: xGBox [More]
I took the stock UI and basically put all the quickbars in the bottom middle for consistency and uniformity. Here's what you need to know about my UI:
  • All four quickbars bottom-center
  • Operations frames mid-left
  • Focus Target/ToT mid-right next to target frame
  • Cast bars above three rows of buffs/debuffs, closer to center
  • All available information text is enabled
  • Pretty much everything else is stock SWTOR UI
  • Made using a 1920x1080 resolution; global scale is about 0.8

Basically, if you want all your abilities in one place and still be able to easily analyze all useful information, I would recommend this. I have used this interface for about six months. I have DPSed, healed, and tanked all content using this interface since patch 1.2 until about very recently and can highlight some pros/cons:

  • Easy to transition from stock interface
  • Analyze all abilities and its cooldowns in a centralized location
  • Interpret all information text easily without deviating much from stock UI
  • Can be used for all roles; Using this UI on all characters equates to ultimate consistency and uniformity, which was my original intention

  • Workspace heavy; Having four rows of quickbars stacked together reduces the overall visibility of gameplay
  • Healer inefficient; Healers usually pay close attention to the operations frames and would prefer having it closer towards the center where the action is, having to look left to check health/debuffs can be detrimental to situational awareness

I don't have any more pictures of this UI at the moment because my PC just blew up today so look at this video of me using it instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx67Pi5Pbh4


Version Notes:
0.01a - Initial release
0.02 - Changed global scale to 0.8, operations frame is now on the mid-left as intended
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