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Layout for Belkin or Razer n52/n52te Nostromo Speed Pad
Version: v1.1
by: JeremyTalent [More]
Not sure how many people out there actually use the n52 like I do but this in my opinion the best layout for someone that does use one, its set up visually just like the n52, with the 8 keys not used for movement arranged in a U with the 3x4 quickbars. It could also be easily tweaked for the Razer Naga with 4x3 bars. It's a healing layout with unplaced group panels and a single operation group showing for flashpoint healing. I'll upload a file with more operation panels if people want it but it's easily adjustable on your own.

The map is centered and the player and target panels are enlarged for easier resource, buff, and debuff viewing. Operation frames are placed above player panel, I'll upload a picture of using it in a flashpoint soon.

The middle 2, 3, 6, and 7 keys are not bound to the n52 keys just because there weren't enough buttons, I bound them to the 4 buttons on my mouse which worked out wonderfully, but would have to be bound differently for each mouse configuration if you have extra buttons at all. If not you could bind things like the n52's mouse wheel or the d-pad button i use for the map or voice chat, to those 4 keys if you want them bound.

I did do a lot of key binding changes and included screencap images of all notable key binding changes with the upload. In Other Files I've included the n52te editor macro and profile files and images of the editor so you can just throw those in for my rapid fire macros and the way I have my n52 set up with the keybindings I included images of. Mostly I used strange targeting keys and the left and right d-pad buttons for shift and control modifiers which each get their own quickbar.

9, 6, 3, and . on the numpad all toggle different useful markers on your current target. 0 on the numpad toggles focus target, 1 on the numpad tells your companion to attack, and 2 on the numpad is bound to companion slot 4 which for me tells Khem Val to taunt the target.

Hope someone else finds this useful, contact me if you need help or have suggestions.
v1.1 removed . from file name and adjusted the map and main quickbar upwards because I realized in the file I uploaded they were too low and it obscured the exit area button and the names of the areas.
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