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Updated:04-29-2013 06:29 PM
Created:03-26-2013 08:03 AM
Compact Healing
Version: 1.4
by: sorc_orch [More]
  • Enable "Use Operation frames for groups" for best effect
  • Target health bar with buffs/debuff prominently displayed near-center
  • Chat next to party/ops frames for easy viewing
  • Healing, damage, and stuns/cc break/etc compacted into own quickbars
  • Side quickbars to be used for out-of-combat abilities (speeder, buff, etc.)

Version 1.2
Better layout for groups/8 party operations

Version 1.3
  • Abilities better grouped
  • Target has debuff icons larger; buffs smaller
  • Player frame has buffs larger; debuffs smaller

Version 1.4
  • Quickbars better grouped
  • Experience bar larger easier to see
  • Abilities made larger
  • Self portrait easier to see
  • Companion heal and abilities better aligned
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