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Raeli's UI
Version: 1.0
by: raeli87 [More]
This is designed for a 1920x1080 resolution, although the files are commented, with the elements that would most likely need to be adjusted for smaller resolutions placed near the top of the files.

There are several layouts included:
Raeli UI - Long Bars
Raeli UI - Shadow
Raeli UI - Original

Raeli UI - Long Bars
This is an updated version of the UI I setup on the PTS, after spending a little more time on it. The unit frames are a little more spread out so they don't cover too much of the area around your character.

Raeli UI - Shadow
This is the version of the UI that I currently use on my main, a DPS Shadow. It hides the primary action bar (I use abilities with no cooldown on it, that are keybound), and it moves the second action bar above the player frame, shortens it to 3-5 buttons. I use this here for short cooldown DPS abilities to more easily monitor my procs and cooldowns that are part of my general rotation.

Raeli UI - Original
This is very similar to the original version of the UI that I setup on the PTS - the unit frames are closer together, although there are minimal changes other than that.

The original PTS version I did is located here: The original is available here as Raeli's UI: http://mmo-mechanics.com/swtor/uifileshare/
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