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Updated:04-20-2012 09:25 AM
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Aawa Heal/Sorc UI
Version: Final Version
by: aawa [More]
Here is my Healing Sorc UI. Some features.

Pet Windows is to the left of my avatar. Controls are the box to the left which goes away when the pet does as well. The pet hot keys are the ALT modifier + numbers.

Main target is on the right. Target of Targets is the small Avatar on right of the main target window. Both has the cast bars right above them.

Focus Target is the medium sized avatar with Revostae Targetted. This is for quick in a pinch casting. Can also be used if people dont show up in raid frames during warzones.

I keep my Raid Frames right in the middle of the screen by my avatar so that I can keep my mouse in the middle of my screen for a majority of the time.

Bar setup all the way on the right is clickies. Vehicles/Seethe/Fast Travel/Fleet Passes.

I have remapped a lot of my keys (WASD for movement) . I use 1-6, Shift + 1-6, Cntrl + 1-6, F1-F6 for majority of my spells. I also have remapped the keys Z,X,C,V,B,F,G, `, Q,E for casts for my left bar. I have F9 set to my huttball pass, however that is bound to my G1 key on my Logitech G-15.
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