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ForgeUI - A Simple Swtor UI! - 16M
Version: 1
by: Forge [More]
Hi there,

I created this UI for anyone looking for a simple alternative to all the UIs found on this website and for any new players looking to customise their own interface.

There is also an 8M version which you can find here!

Things of note:
  • Inner left quickbar is for offensive abilities, inner right quickbar for defensives + AOE, outer right for class buffs, regen, mounts, outer left for anything else.
  • OPS frame in a centered position to make it easier for tanks and healers to click players without having to move their mouse a lot
  • Minimap enlarged and placed at the top right corner for easy viewing, quest list is below with achivement list attached. Tooltip expands down and over the quest list.
  • Chat box is also enlarged for easy viewing.

  • Download .zip from the site, extract and find the .xml file.
  • Go to your %appdata% using the folder directory, go to roaming - local - SWTOR and find your GUIProfiles folder and place.xml file inside.
  • Go in game, select the interface and enjoy!

Thanks for viewing

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Can you send a screenshot of all your keybindings for the quickslots please?
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