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SWTOR Yla's UI Suite v100h
Version: v100h
by: Yla [More]
SWTOR Yla's UI Suite

May the Force be with You!

I enjoy simplicity on my UI to show only what you need in whatever class you are using and to avoid any panel clashes.

I use the same UI for all my characters. Over the years I have had many versions of UI's and this suite is a combination of those. I do not have
specific UI's for Healers, Tanks, or DPS. It is to complicated for me to keep track of what UI to use when and where.. LOL

What you have here is a 1920x1080 DPI no frills UI's. The Global Scale is set at [.75] You only need to install the suite of UI's into your GUIProfiles Directory. They should not over write anything that you might already have.

The Keybind file is optional for you to use and is not necessary. As I believe most folks have setup keybinds to their liking.

I hope you will enjoy this Suite of UI.



Yla - Republic Jedi Knight Sentinel

NOTES: I would appreciate any comments, likes, dislikes or suggestions.
4 Nov 2019 - Yla's UI v100f.xml - Update with cosmetic changes to the UI layout nothing signifcant
was changed. It is basically positional locations.. on a lot of the UI

24 Sept 2019 - Yla's UI v100e.xml - I did not change the version number as the changes made were

17 Sept 2019 - Yla's UI v100e.xml - Reworked the Mini map to the botton right. Moved
buff/debuff icons where the mini map used to be. Repositioned the
Space and Galactic Panels - Less screen clutter

16 Sept, 2019 - Yla's UI Suite v100d -This is a rework of the location of the Mini Map to include an
alignment of panels that were interfering. I am going back and
forth between version d and e

14 Sept 2019 - Yla's UI v100d.xml
Conversation panels moved
Chat window moved to top left
Moved Scorecards to bottom left
Realignment of the Galactic Star fighter panels

SWTOR Yla's Raid UI 16m v100d.xml -16 Person Raid UI
SWTOR Yla's Raid UI 8m v100d.xml - 8 person Radi UI

These are optional UI ideas I have had over the years..

SWTOR Yla's Option 1.xml
SWTOR Yla's Option 2.xml
SWTOR Yla's Option 3.xml
SWTOR Yla's Option 4.xml

SWTOR Yla's Tank v100d.xml -This is a Tank UI I have used but it isn't perfect. I do not
tank very often so there may be some improvement in the
future if folks have ideas..
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Pretty Nice!

I really like this so far, this is the only UI I've used aside from the default in-games one and it's a good upgrade. Makes things more clean.

Thanks for sharing!!
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