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Innuendo UI - Minimalist Raid UI
Version: N/A
by: Kielendo [More]
Innuendo UI
For Minimalist Raiders

Note: I made this UI mainly for players who participate in end game Operations and/or players who hate cluttered UIs.

By default, the following frames are disabled but are set up for use if enabled.
  • Companion frame and cast bar
  • Quickslot 3, placed between player and target frame, above Quickslot 1
  • Experience and Legacy Bar
  • Game Menu

1. Download (.zip) and extract the .xml file.
2a. Copy the .xml into C:\Users\(yourname)\AppData\Local\SWTOR\swtor\settings\GUIProfiles\
2b. If you cannot find this folder, it's because it's hidden. To unhide the folder, click HERE.
3. If you're currently logged into SWTOR, log out and then back in. Bring up your Interface Editor or click on the + button on Quickslot 1.
4. Click on InnuendoRaid.
5. Fix your keybindings in the Preferences -> Keybindings tab. ** Will reupload soon to have empty keybindings.
6. Slay internet space dragons.

Innuendo, Sith Assassin
<Thirteen Thirty Seven>
Rakata Mind Prison
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