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Predi - Sith Warrior Interface Layout
Version: 1.3
by: Trustorm [More]
Designed in 1900x1200 resolution, this is a centered Layout for keeping most damage moves in DPS rotation on one side and close together for easy access and quick response times. Mini map in the center provides less need for peripheral movement and group and ops windows on the left for easy visual reference.

1.3 - Slight changes for patch 1.3
i) Modified Companion bar since it was placed in a weird spot after the patch
ii) slight adjustments for look and feel, catering to my OCD and finicky nature
iii) updated screenshots to show new placement of windows

How do I install a Layout?

First, let me reassure you, itís easy to do. Iím going to walk you through the steps involved.

1. Obviously, the first thing you need to do is to go look through our layout download categories and find one (or more) that you like and want to try.

2. When you have found one that you want to try, you need to download it. The easiest thing is for you to save it to your desktop. It should be a .zip folder. Inside the folder will be a .xml file. For this guide, we are using a fictional layout example called ĎCairenn1.xmlí.

3. Once you have it on your desktop, you will need to copy it to the proper directory:

If you are on Windows 7 or Windows Vista:

C:\Users\< Username >\AppData\Local\SWTOR\swtor\settings\GUIProfiles *
If you are still on Windows XP, the path is slightly different, it is:
C:\Documents and Settings\< user name >\Local Settings\Application Data\SWTOR\swtor\settings\GUIProfile

So, using our example file, the complete path should look like this (for Windows 7):
C:\Users\< Username >\AppData\Local\SWTOR\swtor\settings\GUIProfiles\Cairenn1.xml *

4. Once you have the file(s) saved to that location, itís time to log in to the game and load it up!

5. There are two ways that you can access the UI layout menu. You can either open it from the options menu or by clicking on the little plus sign on your quickbar .

6. If you use the main menu, it will be listed in the top dropdown window. Choose it, hit the the load button and it's now enabled.

7. If you use the quickbar option, you are presented with a mini menu that will give you an option to use a custom layout that you have installed. Clicking on it should enable it for you.

8. Thatís it. Enjoy playing the game with a new layout!

* If you are on Windows7 and can't see the AppData files onward, it may be hidden. Go to:
a) Open organize
b) Folder search options
c) View tab
d) Show hidden files
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