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Updated: 05-06-2012 03:24 AM
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Updated:05-06-2012 03:24 AM
Created:05-06-2012 03:24 AM
Sibb's Minimalist UI
Version: 1.0
by: sibakero [More]
Hi All!

Just wanted to share my minimalistic UI. Never liked clutter, that's why I've always went with this kind of setup. Used something like this in all my years in WOW, just wished the buffs were scale-able as they still feel too big for it..and wished you can change the basic colors as well as blue doesn't really work for me... I'm fortunate to still have 20/20 vision in my mid 30's, that's why small fonts works for me.

Target portrait(and target of target) disappears when you have nothing targeted and nothing appears above target portrait, just the way I like it

so wish the cast bars didn't have those thick borders too...

Hope you like it!
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