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Verdinand - Harbinger - Open View Layout
Version: 1.1
by: Verdinand [More]
As you can tell, this is is a nice, clean layout for all classes and styles of people. It has an open interface so that you can clearly see everything around you.

Something to note, you will have to NOT use Main Quick Bar. This is essential for this to work. The reason is because Main Quick Bar has the added icons and adjustments on it that throw off the balance of this layout.

Your attacks will update as you go, and will post on your quick bars as you get them. If you want this to be easier, load up the quick bar 1, but Unbind all keys to the main bar. That way when you get a new attack while leveling, it will automatically go to one of your new bars that you have set up.

Also, you will want to HIDE your Main Quick Bar off to one side so it doesn't show up ever.

Now, you will have to rebind all keys for this. This is up to you, but you can see in my main picture, they are a 6 bar set up.

The mini map is the focal point of this layout. It is in center view so your eyes do not really leave the field if you are exploring or walking around dangerous territory on your way to a quest. This allows you a nice strong peripheral vision to spot any group of NPC's that are lurking about. If you are trying to avoid them to just go turn in your quest, then this will help you out greatly.


About the layout. The first thing you need to realize is that you need a 1920 x 1080 Resolution or better for this layout to work as it is shown. That is the main thing.

Now, to describe what you see.

1. The "Quick Link" bar is not at the center top anymore. It is now supporting the weight of the Mini Map.

2. Under that is your Experience Bar, and your Legacy Experience Bar. They are no longer at the top, as for some layouts they are.

3. Player Information is on the left of the bar, not scaled. Scale = 1.

4. Target Information is on the right of the bar, not scaled. Scale = 1.

5. Quick Bar 4 is where attacks 1 - 6 are located just under the Player Information. Alpha is 49%, but you can put it to what you want.

6. The other quick bars are places in the order shown.

7. Quick Bar 6, however, is the one that is on the left of the screen above Companion Abilities. This bar is strictly for Non Active Items. This is for when you are not fighting, or are Role Playing on your RP server. basically Legacy attacks, Mounts, Pets, Fleet Pass (Subscriber), and Quick Travel. Along with Rally and Revive Companion. That is my set up, but you can put it how you want.

8. Companion Health Bar is snuggled neatly under Player Information. Now, it fits there nicely because the attacks are up and off to the left side of the screen. This ensures a clean placing of the Health Bar for your Companion.

9. Your Social information, (ex: Player Log In, Player Log Off) is directly opposite the Companion Health Bar. It will blend in with the background, so you can either move it to another location, or keep it there.

10. Guild Chat is on the left side to help break it from the everyday General, Party, Whisper, Ops, or any other chat not associated with your Guild (Provided you are in one)

11. General Chat is on the right, snugged off to one side so that your eyes are not drawn to it unless you absolutely need to see it. Both chats will fade if left alone, so all you focus on is the Health Bars, Quick bars, and Mini Map while you are running around doing Quests or Raids, or PvP, or Flashpoints.

12. Quests are on the top right of the screen, followed by the Trophy Quests. That can be extended as far down as you want, but I think that if that shows as little as possible, that's fine with me. I sometimes even hide them, and move the Trophy Icon right next to the Quest Arrow Icon because the Quests can easily be accessed via "M" on the Keyboard when viewing the Map.

13. Cartel Coin Icon and Phase Indicator are both on the top left of the screen. Since you typically don't use the Cartel Shop that often unless you are not moving about, it is up there if you need it. Phase Indicator is snugged up against it so you will see the Phase up there if you are in someone's Phase, or your own.

14. Companion Attack Bar is between the Guild Chat, and the Quick Bar 6. This goes back to the Companion Health Bar stated before, but it also shows you what they are doing. This also allows a quick click to change up attack styles for your Companion.

15. The Hidden Holo Call Indicator that you get here and there during Game Play or during or after a mission, is directly above the Mini Map. Very Obvious when it shows up. You can also place this wherever you wish.

16. Hidden Cast Bars. These are going to snuggle TIGHTLY under your lower Quick Bars, and directly next to your EXP bars. This is so that they are shown, but do not draw your eyes away from the fight. This includes Companion Summon, Mount / Pet Summon, Spell Cast, Quick Travel, Fleet Pass, or Construction.

17. Party Information is on the Left side, leaning against the Companion Attack Quick Bar. You can go in and adjust where this is as well for when it shows up. It is just easier if it is on the left rather than the right because you already have something over there to help blend it into the back of your vision when you are in a party with someone and you are fighting things. Also, it allows you the open feel this layout gives.

Basically, you can adjust the finer tweaks of this layout when you get it. I prefer Uniform Styles, so this is what I came up with. It was inspired by the Ice HUD Layout on World Of Warcraft that I loved using. It's layout is much like this, but with key differences all throughout.

NOTE: This layout WILL take some time to get used to. So please don't judge it when you first get to it. You really have to structure the key bindings to your own personal style and set up so that it works for you. It took me a few days to get used to it, and sometimes I even mess up with it. It is a clean layout, and will provide you the focus you need when you are Raiding, or when you are just Questing. It allows you to focus on the important things while quickly shifting your eyes down to see cool down times and see what you can use.

ALL Quick Bars are at 49% Alpha. Adjust them to what you want to. The Quick bars also vary with size, so you will have to adjust them as well to your personal specs.

This is my personal shell, and it has room to grow for the user who gets it. That's another good feature of this layout. It is very versatile, and can be molded and bent here and there to be suited for you.

I hope you enjoy it.
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ok, i really like the UI. and i want to DL it. but i run on an alienware laptop, and my windows is windows8. but when i try to go to the instal help it references 7 and XP. if u could pls help me i would love to DL the UI, and help promote it. BTW i am using a 24in 1080p television for a monitor, so i can run the resolution u suggest
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