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Schimaera's simple Sage/Sorc DPS UI
Version: 1.0 Recently in Use
by: Schimaera [More]
Hello everyone,

I'd like to share my UI with you.

I tried to make it as simple and plain as possible. The slots for Quickbar 1 and 2 are expandable to 12 of course, if someone decides that they need more skills.

However, for the normal rotation of both Madness/Balance and Lightning/Telekinesis this quickbar setup is sufficient (the latter might need an additional slot in Quickbar 1).

For Lightning/Telekinesis 1-5 should be your burst skills plus one AoE on 5. Shift-1 and Shift-2 are the two DoTs (Crushing Darkness/Mind Crush and Affliction/Weaken Mind).

For Madness/Balance 1-5 are your bread and butter skills and S+1 and S+2 are your fillers (as shown in the image for the Sage).

Quickbar 2 are Utility Skills like breakouts, interrupts, stuns, pushbacks, cleanses and so on.

Quickbar 3 is in the middle between your and your targets health bars and entails your offensive and defensive cooldowns, so that you have a better eye on them.
Note that Num1 and Num 3 (for Force Potency and the Adrenal) in my Screenshot are actual bound to my mouse. The game doesn't register two of its Keys so I bound them to the num block.

Quickbar 4 are minor utiliy skills. Slot 1 and 5 are also on my mouse and are Project and Vindicate (fillers I rarely need). The rest is just stuff I don't need to bind to a key due to it's rare necessity in fights.

Quickbar 5 is for Quicktravels and Priority Transports plus some random stuff like repair bots - always useful to acess there.

Quickbar 6 is for Mounts and Rocket Boost.

The Operations Frame is next to Quickbar 6.

For it's plain look and for more in-depths I decided to not use Focus-Target but it can always be activated.

I hope you enjoy the UI as much as I do.

Best Regards

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