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Zarrah's UI
Version: 1.0
by: Zarrah [More]
Hello friends!

It spend a long time for looking for a nice UI for me. I love playing with 39 keybindings but I also like to have a clean UI workable for every situation. PvP, PvE, roleplayin'. So it took some time and patience to offer you my personal interface.

Feel free to change everything so it's suitable for you. If you have nice ideas or 'reworks' just comment.

I also like to introduce you how I bind my keys.
I use the Roccat Isku keyborad. (Five extrakeys for the pinky and three extrakeys for the thumb.) My mouse is a Razor Naga, so I have twelve extrakeys just for the right thumb.

I don't think that binding keys you need to move your hand over the keyboard aren't useful, so I never bind the keys 6-0.

If you like to bind your abilities correctly you need to know that there are some dimensions. Abilities you need to press often are supposed to be close to the movementkeys. Cast with high cooldowns can be more far away. (Primary attack on E, burst-CD on T for example.)

ZB1-12 are my razor naga. (My mouse is a lil bit defect, so I use the eleventh key as pressing-wheel.)

Shift + 1-5 is easy to figure out. S+m, S+n, etc. are macros on my keyboard for the extra keys for my pinky. I use it for quickjourney and for potions and stims in PVP.

Nearly same named shortcuts are for my left thumb. It's rage (the heal out of combat), vehicle and at least the classbuff.

I hope that's helpful for you!
Have fun.
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