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ForgeUI - A Simple Swtor UI!
Version: 1
by: Forge [More]
Hi there,

I created this UI as a simple alternative to many designs found on this website or for those looking for their first customized UI.

This UI comes in both an 8M and a 16M version.

Link to the 16M version is found here!l

Things of note:
  • Inner left quickbar is for offensive abilities, inner right quickbar for defensives + AOE, outer right for class buffs, regen, mounts, outer left for anything else.
  • OPS frame in a centered position to make it easier for tanks and healers to click players without having to move their mouse a lot
  • Minimap enlarged and placed at the top right corner for easy viewing, quest list is below with achivement list attached. Tooltip expands down and over the quest list.
  • Chat box is also enlarged for easy viewing.

  • Download .zip from the site, extract and find the .xml file.
  • Go to your %appdata% using the folder directory, go to roaming - local - SWTOR and find your GUIProfiles folder and place.xml file inside.
  • Go in game, select the interface and enjoy!

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