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Mia's UI
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by: Miaorin [More]
❀ Hi! ❀
After 6 years, I'm finally sharing the UI that's always helped me #win.
I personally developed this UI during pre-launch and I have only ever used this UI for the 1,200 days I've /played this game on a pro level.

I swear by this UI for everything! Warzones, raiding, flashpoints and galactic starfighter. I am a strong believer in keeping everything close and optimized but simple which is key. Similar UI I have always used for other MMOs I also pro in which include WoW and SWG(rip).

I'm hoping someone finds this UI helpful for them

✿ SetUp ✿
I recommend using this UI by using Operation Frames as Group Frames which I have always found to be more profound in tough situations. This can be changed under Prefs ~> User Interface ~> (halfway down) under Operation Frames. Also add Cooldown Settings if you haven't yet.

I only game on laptops so with my 17" ROG GL702VS-DS74 I use a 1920x1080 resolution. So if you use anything different, you may need to edit the size of certain elements of the UI while in-game, especially on smaller resolutions. This UI is meant to pop more so the debuff CDs and debuff applications. Also health width/height is increased so you can monitor everyone's HP more clearly. Perfect for any role you play, not just healers

✽ Recommended Use ✽
This UI is perfect for those who click but for those who hotkey, I personally use Quickbar 2 as F1 - F12, Quickbar 3 as ShiftF1 - ShiftF12 and Quickbar 5 I use as a mix between ShiftQ - ShiftT and CtrlA - CtrlV. It's all pretty simple. Everything else I use on my Naga Epic. But this is me, do you the way you want to.

✾ Stuff ✾
My Server: The Ebon Hawk (rip) ~> Starforge

My Discord: ℳ𝒾𝒶𝑜𝓇𝒾𝓃 ♡.*・。#3668

My Website:

You're welcomed to see this UI on the field at my uTube channel:

Thank you all and I hope this UI serves you well!

Love, Miaorii Miaorin
~~~\[email protected] Girls Gaming House CG Pro
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