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Updated: 06-13-2022 04:24 AM
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Updated:06-13-2022 04:24 AM
Created:06-13-2022 04:24 AM
Healer 1440p UI
Version: 1
by: evark [More]
I've tried to recreate my healer UI that I used in warcraft.

One action bar has been put in the middle of the screen to showcase the most important abilities to track. Player buffs have been placed above this to make it easy to tracks buffs, stacks etc.

Adding onto this; for maximized effect, lowering the opacity of the lower three bars allows for a more clean version. (I've just started playing SWTOR again, so I need to familiarize myself with everything again)

Obviously SWTOR has limitations when it comes to the UI, but I've tried my best.

Any feedback is welcome.
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