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Updated: 04-07-2023 05:25 PM
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Updated:04-07-2023 05:25 PM
Created:04-05-2023 06:38 PM
Yai's All Purpose UI - 1920x1080
Version: 1
by: Yai [More]
Note: As of Sept 2023 this General UI will no longer be updated. I will leave this UI as is just in case people likes that UI layout style. If I release anymore UI layout it will be it's own thing.

Created this All Purpose UI for those who are using a monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080.
Total Number of Quickbars: 6

Another benefit of this all purpose UI is you can use it for any class. You will just have to setup your keybind's the way you want.

The main three Quickbars are for your skills. The outer two are for things like general skills, legacy skills, etc. While the mini Quickbar above the main one is for remembering your skill rotation.

GUI Profile Install
  1. Copy my UI to your SWTOR folder
  2. Extract the files to your "GUIProfiles" folder
  3. %localappdata%\SWTOR\swtor\settings\GUIProfiles
  4. When in-game load the "Yai's General UI Layout" profile
  5. Place your skills on the action bar
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