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Scarcity - Minimalist UI
Version: 1.0
by: Rein [More]
Resolution: 2650 x 1440

Otherwise Known As: Get that crap out of my way!

Please see the first image for a breakdown of where your buttons went and how party frames work!

Secondary Windows are set to moveable!
Overall Scaling is .9!

Chat windows I'm using include:
  • Top left: anything a human has to type!
  • Bottom left: anything pertaining to groups!
  • Bottom right: anything the game or NPCs have to say!

Bar Theory!
This is a keyboard player's layout - only 12 buttons are visible, so this won't work for you if you play with a mouse! Bars 1-3 are hidden in the top left of the screen, while bar 4 is seen at the bottom. Bar 4's sole purpose in life is to help you keep track of whatever 12 cooldowns are most important to how you play; since I'm a sage, for example, I put any of my healing abilities with a cooldown, plus any interrupts and boosts (like heroic moment).

I suggest you start with bar 4, and then enable bars 1-3 so you can move whatever other abilities you need on to other quickbars, assign them a hotkey, and then disable all three again. You're essentially playing by muscle memory now!

Along those lines: any main menu items I might need - such as talent trees, codex, legacy, etc... can all be bound to keys as well. There are SO MANY buttons and hotkeys to be had and this UI basically just gets them all out of the way so you can play!
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