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Zebitty 04-13-2012 08:27 AM

G15 users unite!
So, the SWTOR UI is finally customisable .. if you're using a G15 keyboard, here are some tips that might help you to get up and running.

Mapping the various G keys so that they link up with the buttons on the tool bars is a bit of a mission, but in the long run it's TOTALLY worth your time and effort - and now (finally) you only need to do it once, since we can save UI custom settings - that said I've not explored whether the keybinds are also saved as part of the UI, so it might still be necessary to do them for each character.

I have the following setup for my G15 (M1) set.

Then, in the game, simply map those keys to the buttons on the bars (as you can see in this example) - (original 2560x1600 res retained so you can read the text on the buttons)

The reason for the odd key combos for on some keys is:

G2: it seems the game traps certain key combos and CTRL-F2 was one of them .. changed it to CTRL-SHIFT-F2 as a workaround.

G15 & G18: CTRL-PGUP and CTRL-PGDN seem to be hard coded to scroll the chat window up and down, so every time I used one of these keys, my chat window would scroll back/forward unexpectedly. Again, adding the SHIFT key into the mix seemed to fix it.

So to summarise:

Bar 1: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - =
Bar 2: (same as bar 1, but with ALT)
Bar 3: G7 thru G18
Bar 4: G1 thru G6, then rather than trying to map another layer of G-keys using the M2 group, I just made the last 6 buttons, Mouse3, Mouse4, Mouse5, SHIFT+Mouse3, SHIFT+Mouse5, SHIFT+Mouse5.

End result: This gives you 4 x 12 (48) buttons that can be fired off nice and quick - most of them boil down to a single G-key keypress, with a few ALT and Mouse button combos.

This system has evolved over time since swtor beta, and it's what I'm used to now - that said, if there are any G15 owners that have figured out a nicer set of binds and method of getting all the G keys into play, I'd love to hear about it. Please post in this thread!


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