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The Basics of UI Layout Customization

(Please Note: This thread is about customizing your own layout, not about using a layout that you've downloaded. Information about how to use layouts that you download is in this thread.)

Welcome to the world of UI layout customization for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. This is a short guide to help you get started on creating your own. (It seems longer than it actually is because of all the pretty pictures. No need to tl:dr )

There are two ways that you can access the UI layout menu. You can either open it from the options menu:

Or by clicking on the little plus sign on your quickbar:

When you first open the layout editor, you will see a ton of windows in various colours all over your screen. Don’t be alarmed! These are all explained throughout this guide. For now, know that:
  • Green windows are the primary UI elements (ie your unit frames, the minimap, the basic quickbar, your social center, etc.)
  • Blue windows are secondary UI elements (ie your companion bar, target of target window, etc.)
  • Red windows are elements that are toggled off by default (ie your secondary quickbars, your target’s target, your party members’ targets, etc)
We discuss these in further detail later in this guide.

If you use the quickbar option, you are presented with a mini menu that gives you the option of using one of the pre-existing layouts, a custom layout, or going to the layout editor:

When you go to the layout editor, whether through the main menu or from the quickbar, the top portion of the editor gives you the option of using one of the pre-existing layouts, loading a custom layout, saving a custom layout or deleting a custom layout.

There are three pre-existing layouts:


Extended Quickbars:

Or Retro:

If you decide you want to make your own layout rather than use one of those three, the interface editor gives you a number of different options in the lower dropdown:

You can choose to see all of the interface windows at once while you rearrange them:

Or you can choose to see selected groupings at a time:

Conversation windows:

Main HUD (Heads Up Display) windows:

Party windows:

Ops windows:

Space Combat windows:

And Warzone windows:

The Interface Editor screen is also where you go to save your layout after you have it the way you want it. You give it a name and hit the save button:

If you saved a layout and you later decide you want to get rid of it, you can use the delete option:

And finally, if you have a layout from someone else that you want to use, you use the load option:

A couple last notes on the Interface Editor screen:

When you are moving windows around, you can choose whether you want to hide the secondary UI elements:

You can also decide if you want to be able to move around secondary windows (ie your character sheet or inventory windows):

And finally, this is also where you go to change the over-all UI scale, making the elements larger or smaller on your screen:

A more in-depth about UI Layout Customization is coming, this was just to give you a basic start.

Information about how to use layouts that you download is in this thread.
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